Pathfinders - Da Vinci Catapult

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This catapult is one of Da Vinci’s redesigns from the medieval catapults of 400 or so years earlier.

While the Medieval catapult uses the force of twisted rope, this uses the tension stored in bent wood to hurl objects. With no modifications you can experiment with flinging grapes, and those fun mini marshmallows too! With accurate historic details, this working recreation of the 15th machine can fling a clay ball over four metres!

Pathfinder kits are renowned for their clever design and quality materials. This award winning catapult is easy to assemble in about an hour, with pre-cut and drilled pieces for super-strong connection. Ideal for beginner model-makers.

A fantastic STEM activity, this set teaches principles of mechanics, physics and historical technology. Look out castle-dwelling knights, you’re under attack! Catapult imaginations!

Product dimensions: When built the catapult mearures 33cm high x 25cm long x 14cm wide

Suitable for children aged 12 years+

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Pathfinders - Da Vinci Catapult
Pathfinders - Da Vinci Catapult Pathfinders - Da Vinci Catapult