Schleich - 14779 Sloth Bear

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Did you know sloth bears have a striking patch of light-coloured fur on their chests in the shape of the letter Y, V or O?

Sloth bears have very long, sickle-shaped claws that grow to a length of up to eight centimetres and look like the claws of a sloth. The bears use these claws to tear open the entrances to termite mounds. They then stick in their snouts and suck out the termites, assisted by their unusually long lower lip.

Explore the world with quality Schleich Figures. Schleich animals are realistically hand-painted and stand up on their own. Schleich products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children and are therefore especially designed for children’s hands and children.

The realistic design of these models enables children to experience the large variety of nature – from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle. A great collectible for all ages!

Product Dimensions: 9cm x 6cm x 3cm

Suitable for children aged: 3 years+

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Schleich Sloth Bear