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The Nins Carla set is one of the largest Grapat sets available. This Grapat toy set includes 12 Nins®, 72 rings, and 36 coins in a rainbow of matching colours with a cloth bag.

Perfect for all kinds of Montessori counting and learning games, sorting, stacking, colour matching or simply playing. You can hide a Nin within 6 stacked rings or you can raise a Nin up on a pedestal with the coins. Each Nin can be colour matched with its 3 corresponding coins and 6 corresponding rings. Play mathematical Montessori counting and sorting games with this large set. The Grapat Nins® are a range of Waldorf style toy peg dolls which can form the basis for all kinds of open ended play.

Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water based stain. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play.

Product Dimensions: Nins® 6cm (H), Coins and Rings 4.7cm (D)

Suitable for children aged 1 year+

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Grapat Carla Nins - Rainbow coloured wooden toys
Grapat Carla Nins - Rainbow coloured wooden toys Grapat Carla at play