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The very best way to learn about the magic of motion! This lab kit has everything you need to have fun and get creative while also learning about force and the laws of motion.

The Galt Forces Lab contains a car you assemble yourself, a build your own hovercraft, parachutes, and so much more. With this kit you’ll get to complete 13 different experiments. You’ll create a bobbing bird, help a creature climb, power a hovercraft with a balloon, compare parachute designs, and even send a rocket zooming down a zipline.

What you get:
Wooden boat
Wooden car pieces
Printed foam car pieces
Four wheels
Three axles
Two gears
Zip line string
Hovercraft pieces
Polystyrene ball
Four balloons
Two rubber bands
Two parachutes
Paper clip
Printed paper
Printed card pieces
32-page lab book

Suitable for children aged 6 years+

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