Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - Watermelon
Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - Watermelon
Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - Watermelon
Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - Watermelon back of packaging
Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - information
Heebie Jeebies Freeze Dried Lollies - Watermelon

Heebie Jeebies - Freeze Dried Lollies - Sour Watermelon

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Experience the sweet and satisfying crunch of Heebies Jeebies Sour Watermelon freeze-dried lollies. These classic treats have been taken to a whole new level through a revolutionary freeze-drying process, originally developed for NASA's Apollo missions.

Super Crispy:
Sour Watermelon freeze-dried lollies undergo a magical transformation, expanding to double or even triple their original size during the freeze-drying process. The result? A super crispy and lightweight treat that's truly unique.

Super Dried:
With over 99% of the water content removed from these delectable lollies, you can count on them staying crunchy for years to come. This Sour Watermelon candy is built to stand the test of time.

Super Tasty:
The absence of moisture allows for an intense concentration of the delightful Sour Watermelon flavour, making every bite an indulgent experience.

The Freeze Drying Process:
Ever wondered, "How is freeze-dried candy made?" Our freeze-drying process begins by subjecting the lollies to frigid temperatures as low as -40 degrees. They are then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the magic happens. Under reduced pressure, the water content within the lollies sublimates, transforming into vapor. This process is repeated up to 100 times, resulting in the removal of more than 99% of the water. The end result is the perfect crunch that sets freeze-dried Sour Watermelon candy apart. All this is done right here in Australia.

Indulge in the science and flavour behind the extraordinary freeze-dried Sour Watermelon lollies. With roots in space exploration, this technology has been brought down to Earth to create a treat that's out of this world.

Product Dimensions: 30 grams; Package - approx 15cm x 6cm x 21cm

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