Glo Pals - Bath Time fun for children
B Brooke Kearns

Glo Pals have landed!

Oct 23, 2022 · Bath · Glo Pals · New · Sensory Play

Glo Pals have landed in Australia and have already been super popular – for good reason!

So, what’s the big deal with Glo Pals and are they as awesome as everyone is saying? We love Glo Pals and think the hype is justified for the following reasons.

Glo Pals are a great way to encourage bath time.
Many toddlers go through a stage where they suddenly become hesitant, or even fearful, of the bath. Glo Pals are a fun way to reassure little ones and help them enjoy their bath.

Turn the lights down low and make bath time a fun experience for your child! Together you may enjoy tossing them into the water and scooping them out again with a net, moving them about the bath by kicking their feet in the water, hiding them under bubbles and seeing whether the light shines through, or pouring them from one cup into another. At the end of bath time, scoop up the Glo Pals, shake them off and cheerfully say “goodnight” Glo Pals - this may help in finishing up bath time with fewer tears and less stress.

Glo Pals are wonderful for sensory play.
While they’re perfect for bath time, these durable little cubes can also be used for other types of sensory play involving water. They can be used as a both a calming, sensory activity or as an engaging, educational activity exploring lights and reflection. Whether it’s in a plastic tub with some bubbles, in a jar with a lid, or even in a Jellystone Designs Calm Down Bottle – these cubes are a versatile way to explore colour, light and reflection.

Glo Pals are durable and safe.
Glo Pals have been extensively tested to meet safety standards. They are slightly larger than the size of a regular ice-cube, so are not a huge choking risk – but should definitely not be put into anyone’s mouth.

Glo Pals contain button batteries. These are encased in sturdy plastic and are not accessible to the user. The plastic is certified BPA and Phthalates free and is designed to be recycled after use. Glo Pals are designed for children 3 and older – so please keep this in mind if using them at bath time with younger children.  

Glo Pals are easy to use.
Glo Pals don’t have any switches, leads or charging devices. They are simple cubes that are water-activated and automatically turn on when they touch water. They then turn off all by themselves when they are removed from the water. Easy, peasy!

Once you take them out of water, it’s important to ensure they dry out properly. This will improve the battery life, and also ensure they don’t become discoloured over time. To dry them, just give them a good shake and leave them somewhere dry.  (Note: Glo Pals have a battery life of about 16 hours. This means that they will normally last for at least a month of bath times and sensory play.)

Glo Pals come in sets of four cubes and are available in six different colours. Buy Glo Pals now at Little Sprout. 

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