About Our Rewards Program

In order to join the Little Sprout Rewards program, just click "Login" and either log into your existing account or sign up as a new customer. Once this is done, you are ready to start earning and using Sprout Points!

You can earn Sprout Points every time you shop with us - both in-store and online. Each dollar you spend will give you 1 Sprout Point. Once you accrue 200 Sprout Points, you can start redeeming points for amazing discounts!

For bonus points you can leave a product review, follow us on Instagram, or refer a friend.

To manage and spend your Sprout Points online, just click on the "Your Sprout Points" tab (under Quick Links) and you will find a list of all available discounts. You can redeem your Sprout Points when you shop to take advantage of these great savings!

You can also redeem your Cash Discount rewards when you shop in-store at Little Sprout.