Schleich - 13772 Donkey

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Schleich released the Donkey in 2015 as part of their Farm World range. This figurine is sculpted in a walking pose, with all four hooves on the ground. It is hand-painted grey with black and white markings, featuring the black stripe that donkey's are well-known for.

Fun facts about the animal: The domestic donkey comes originally from the African donkey. It copes well with hot temperatures and makes little demands on its food. It is often described as stubborn and stupid when he stops for seemingly no reason at all and refuses to move on. However, the opposite is the case. Donkeys cannot run as fast as horses, so it would be senseless for them to flee in panic in a dangerous situation. They first try to consider if they are actually in danger and if so, what would be the best escape route.

Product Dimensions: Approx. 9cm x 3cm x 9.5 cm (LWH)

Suitable for children aged 3 years+

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